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There are things you better share only with your friends. For everything else, we have Facebook followers. When you use your Facebook profile for public posts, the number of your followers plays an important role. If the increase is very slow, also your postings will fall by the wayside. Do you want to stop waiting? The solution is easier than you think: just buy Facebook followers!

Why Buy Facebook Followers at Social Media Daily?

  • You save time & effort ✓
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I pay my order?

We offer the following payment methods:

• PayPal
• Credit Card
• Sofort
• Giropay
• iDeal
• Bancontact
• Bank Transfer

Where do the Facebook Followers come from?

They are international Facebook users, that are registered in exchange networks and receive a gratification upon following you.

I don't want to receive all followers at once. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, a daily limit is not possible. However, you can order smaller packages in the beginning to guarantee a moderate increase.

Will the followers stay?

We always deliver a few more followers than ordered. This way, we can make up for potential losses already in advance.

Are the followers interested in my profile?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver targeted followers. It can happen that a user will be interested in your profile. However, this is rather an exception than the rule.

What are the advantages of buying followers?

Buying followers has a cosmetic value above all. The more followers you have, the more worthwhile your profile seems to be – provided you also share great content and get a lot of interaction on your posts.

Are likes and followers the same?

Not really. Likes are users that like your fan page. On fan pages, you can see a count of both likes and followers. However, our product is only about followers of personal profiles.

I don't find the right package for my needs. What can I do?

For custom offers or flat rates, you can write us an email at

I completed my order, but nothing happened yet. When does the increase begin?

We are double checking all orders manually. The increase usually begins within 24 hours upon completion of your order. However, in some cases it can take up to three days, for example on national holidays and weekends. The time of delivery noted in the sales box applies once we have started processing your order. For urgent matters, we recommend you to choose the option "premium delivery" in the shopping cart.

Does Social Media Daily belong to Facebook?

No. We expressively state that we do not represent any of the networks that are part of our services.

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Buying Facebook Followers? This Is What You Should Know!

The mark on the screenshot shows the subscriber counter of a Facebook profile. This increases when you buy Facebook followers.
What is this product about?

Whether it’s fail compilations or memes, environmental protection or cooking recipes: those who are seriously passionate about their hobby also inspire others to take part in it. You don’t even need a Facebook page for that. Since Facebook introduced private profile follwers, classic status updates can reach far more users than just your friends.

Friend requests, however, are of little help. We'll tell you how to increase your follower count and why you should also buy Facebook followers.

Why your follower count is so interesting

With over 2 billion active members and 1.3 billion users per day, Facebook is still the largest social network in the world. No surprise so many people try their luck here and buy Facebook followers. Just like you! Your passion finds its place on Facebook – in the form of photos, videos and inspiring texts about travel destinations, vegan baking recipes or tips for a harmonious flat share life.

And because there's a lid for every pot out there, your content can inspire many other people. The problem? Although you get a few Facebook post likes and comments from your friends and could buy Facebook likes, the whole thing just won’t really kick off unless you buy enagement services.

That's where the friendship ends! And where followers come into play. Even if you had 5,000 friends – Facebook won’t allow more than that. For profile follower, however, there is no upper limit. This means it’s a much bigger market for your ideas and potentially more likes, shares and comments.

And that's exactly what we all want to achieve on Facebook: the distribution of (for us and others) relevant content and due recognition for our company! But how exactly can you buy real Facebook followers and get more organic ones too?

Three measures for more Facebook followers

There are many tips and tricks. Some work quickly, others are more likely to get you success in the long run. We’re going to focus on three measures only which will help to effectively increase your follower count – without you having to wait for too long.

Be interesting ...

The number of Facebook users worldwide is a double-edged sword: on the one hand you have a gigantic market from which you can draw. On the other hand, you have to prevail against an equally large competition. You need to be special in order to also attract attention beyond your circle of acquaintances. You need an interesting unique selling point for people to buy your story!

You lay the foundation with interesting content. Focus on your target group: what drives them? What do they value? What do they not like at all? And what added value can be gained from your posts?

Write in an upbeat, special manner. Do not just write monotonously or a simple list of ingredients. Be creative, stand out!

Your posts should also draw attention visually. Spice up your photos with popular filters and add cool effects to your videos. Moving quotes in the image description also make your photo content worth sharing. Subtitles and captivating music make your video more professional. Adding that extra something to your posts will help to get your new Facebook followers flowing in soon.

...use keywords ...

The despicable hash key that we used to use to charge our prepaid mobile phones a long time ago blossomed into a cool hashtag in 2007 thanks to Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag is now even appearing outside of electronic communication and even has an entry dedicated to it in the Duden.

But let’s go back to your followers: Facebook has been supporting the use of hashtags for several years. Use this to your advantage. Find hashtags that are relevant to your audience and throw off your competition. Make up your own creative hashtag and categorize your posts with it.

Of course, your hashtags should match the post. Nobody wants to find cat videos with a #cooking hashtag. The more confident you become in using hashtags, the more Facebook followers you will gain naturally, so you don't always have to buy them.

...and purchase followers on Facebook!

With Facebook Ads, you can actively place ads on Facebook. The advantage? You can define your target audience pretty precisely and choose from different ad formats and campaign goals. However, direct Facebook advertising has a long-term impact on your wallet and does not necessarily guarantee an increase in your follower count. You've probably seen advertisements on Facebook many times and then ignored them. Or installed an ad blocker years ago, right? Most people do that nowadays.

Alternatively, you can purchase Facebook followers. This measure is particularly recommended as a kick-start. Not only the stars or companies buy Facebook followers and Facebook views. More and more private people want to give their Facebook profile a kick-start. The advantage?

Just as filters put a picture in perspective, a certain number of followers make a good first impression. For example, suppose a user clicks on your post because he loved your creative hashtags, the witty image description and the moody light. Next, he will look at your profile. What will convince him more? 40 followers? Or 1,000 followers? Correct!

How to Buy Facebook Followers

Once your profile has more real followers on Facebook, you'll be more attractive to others which will fuel organic growth, so you have to buy less of them. And if your hobby becomes so successful at some point that you would like to create your own Facebook page, you can also buy Facebook followers to get off the ground as well as Facebook likes. So, what are you waiting for?

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