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How long do you work on your tracks? And how much time do you put in the development of your SoundCloud channel? Many musicians and DJs have to use a great deal of their time to get more SoundCloud followers.

With a little help, you can reduce the time spent on this annoying task and focus more on your passion: music! You can just buy SoundCloud followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I pay my order?

We offer the following payment methods:

• PayPal
• Credit Card
• Sofort
• Giropay
• iDeal
• Bancontact
• Bank Transfer

Where do the SoundCloud followers come from?

They are international SoundCloud users, that are registered in exchange networks and receive a gratification upon following you.

I don't want to receive all followers at once. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, a daily limit is not possible. However, you can order smaller packages in the beginning to guarantee a moderate increase.

Does my account need to be public?

Yes. We cannot deliver followers for private accounts. The number of followers has to be visible.

What happens when I tick off "I'd prefer more followers instead of the extras"?

Usually, you will receive extra likes and reposts on top of the followers. If you don't want to receive those extras, you can tick off the respective box and receive more followers instead. Please note that packages that come without extras by default are excluded from this arrangement.

Are the followers interested in my tracks?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver targeted followers. It can happen that a user will be interested in your account. However, this is rather an exception than the rule.

What are the advantages of buying followers?

Buying followers above all has a cosmetic value. The more followers you have, the more worthwhile your account seems to be – provided you also share great music and have a lot of interaction on your tracks.

I don't find the right package for my needs. What can I do?

For custom offers or flat rates, you can write us an email at

I completed my order, but nothing happened yet. When does the increase begin?

We are double checking all orders manually. The increase usually begins within 24 hours upon completion of your order. However, in some cases it can take up to three days, for example on national holidays and weekends. The time of delivery noted in the sales box applies once we have started processing your order. For urgent matters, we recommend you to choose the option "premium delivery" in the shopping cart.

Does Social Media Daily belong to SoundCloud?

No. We expressively state that we do not represent any of the networks that are part of our services.

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Why You Should Purchase SoundCloud Followers

The mark on the screenshot shows the follower counter on Soundcloud
What is this product about?
From streaming music to uploading your own songs and following your favorite band, the music portal SoundCloud is one of the most appreciated networks among music lovers and buy followers for. The most important aspect, especially for artists is the number of real SoundCloud followers. A large number of followers has a positive influence on the level of interaction and reach. But more importantly, a high number of followers combined with many SoundCloud plays, SoundCloud likes, reposts, and comments also improves artists chances of being discovered by other users, influencers, clubs, or even record labels.
Whatever you wish to achieve with your music, we provide tips on how to professionally market yourself and why you should also buy SoundCloud followers.

10 Tips for More SoundCloud Followers in 2018

Hardly any company or artist can get by these days without social media. And they all buy SoundCloud followers. The benefits speak for themselves: direct communication at eye level, virality, better search engine ranking, user generated content, access to new target groups, and strategic employee acquisition, to name but a few. Thus, Facebook and Co. have already established themselves in most marketing guides.
In practice, however, many are still struggling. Setting up a profile is quick and easy. However, the subtleties of social media marketing are complex and demand a lot of attention and perseverance. Here are the best tips for making your SoundCloud profile more successful.

1. SoundCloud As Part of the Marketing Strategy

If you want to successfully market your music, you should first develop a strategy and not just buy Instagram followers. What are your goals, and when do you want to achieve them? What means are available to you? Who is your target group? Whether you are working with an advertising agency or trying it on your own, you need to ask yourself these and many other questions before you can take the big plunge.
Once you have developed a suitable concept, you can become creative. From design to texts for different promotional materials, there are no limits to what you can do. It’s important to remember to include the link to your channel in everything you create, including flyers, your homepage, and online ads. That way, you can promote your page beyond the channel itself and gain followers more easily.

2. The Eye Also Listens

Just like large companies use their corporate design for all kinds of external communication, your SoundCloud page should be consistent in its design. Upload your logo as your profile picture, and create an appealing cover image. The title images of the individual tracks should also fit the overall concept. This increases the recognition value and provides you with additional followers.
In order to achieve a positive overall impression, you should also add relevant information, such as an artist biography, information about the tracks, or links to external content. And, if you do not have an artist name yet, choose a simple name that gets stuck in people’s heads, much like a catchy tune. You can find name generators online for inspiration. These tools can also be used to check whether the suggested name is already taken.
It is also recommended to use the pro or pro unlimited account. For a small monthly fee, you can view comprehensive statistics, increase upload time, and use many additional features to analyze your plays and followers.

3. No Network Without Networking

With just a profile and a few of your own tracks, you will be able to generate some SoundCloud followers that you don't have to buy. However, like any other social network, SoundCloud relies on two-way communication. In order to gain more followers and increase attention within the network, you need to reach out to other users on a regular basis.
Use the search function to find DJs from the same genre, listen to their music, and provide valuable feedback. Meaningful comments will earn you points and often lead to a visit to your profile. Follow other users and interact with their content, then people will often also follow you back.
In order to be discovered by influencers with many followers, you can create mixtapes and draw the artists’ attention to them. If your mixtape is exceptional and has a lot of plays, you might even get recommended.
Warning: Some record labels allow SoundCloud to rigorously check whether copyright has been infringed. In the worst case, this can lead to accounts being blocked. Make sure that no label has marketd the music used in your mixtapes.

4. Peer Pressure on SoundCloud

Of course, you do not have to join a group if you do not want to. However, in doing so, you might blow your chance to gain new SoundCloud followers. Fans of the same music genre or band get together in groups to exchange opinions. If you like to play psytrance, for instance, you can become a member of a matching group, specifically promoting your tracks and gathering feedback. Is the right group for your music missing? Then start your own! This gives you even more exposure and, successively, also more SoundCloud followers.

5. Community Management

No matter how many SoundCloud followers you already have, you must communicate (and buy more real SoundCloud followers)! If a user comments on a track, respond to it within a reasonable period of time. Especially when it comes to questions and negative feedback, you should always react quickly. A simple “thank you” for likes is also advisable.
Interacting with your followers makes you appear approachable, authentic, and likable. Of course, it does not say a lot about the quality of your music. But in the world of SMM, direct communication is an essential factor in gaining new followers, including SoundCloud followers.
Tip: Under no circumstances should you alienate your SoundCloud followers with marketing methods that are too aggressive. Keep in mind the 70-20-10 rule. Seventy percent of your activities should focus on branding or storytelling. Twenty percent are used for networking with other musicians, for instance, by sharing tracks of your colleagues or favorite artists. Only ten percent of your updates should include actual direct sales incentives.

6. Don’t Rush Into Things

Does your page appear slightly dead, but the latest track is not ready for upload yet? How about a contest for concert tickets? Or you can offer your tracks as free downloads for a while. With the right tags and attractive offers, you are guaranteed to attract more SoundCloud followers to your site. It usually does not take long for the word to spread if contests and other promotions are involved!

7. With a Little Help From My Friends…

…even the Beatles and Joe Cocker were aware of this. Ask your friends to search for your SoundCloud account on Google. This helps you rank higher in the search results. If your friends are also registered on the music platform, they can help increase your SoundCloud plays and leave likes and comments. This generates more traffic and makes a good impression on visitors.

8. One Is Not Enough

One channel alone is not enough. To achieve an actual synergetic effect, you should also use other channels. At first glance, this means more effort. However, the benefits are immense. Each platform has its own following. As such, your Instagram fans and YouTube subs are not necessarily active on SoundCloud, but they will be all the more engaging on Instagram and YouTube instead.
With a Twitter or Facebook account, you can reach even more users and attract them to your SoundCloud account with a link in the bio or on photos. A blog offers enormous potential as well. Keep in mind that each social network has its own language; for instance, due to the limited number of characters, a tweet is written differently than a longer Facebook post.

9. Please Don't Stop the Music

Regardless of all the great marketing ideas, if you want to be successful on SoundCloud, first and foremost you need to make excellent music. Quality music attracts quality followers! Invest in excellent equipment, rehearse regularly, gather feedback, and do not stop doing that! A good artist continues to grow and tries out new things. Especially in a fast-paced and almost saturated market such as SoundCloud, you need to stand out from the crowd in order to be heard.

10. How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

Those who know their target group well and are regularly active on SoundCloud can increase their number of followers little by little. However, traditional marketing methods also entail a lot of effort and only slowly lead to the desired result. By buying SoundCloud followers, you will achieve your goal faster and much easier. Find out more in the following overview.

5 Reasons to Buy SoundCloud Followers

Although this method is not accepted by everyone, many people buy SoundCloud followers. Due to the multitude of dubious offers, a critical stance is perfectly sensible. However, if you order from the right vendor and understand the purchase of followers as an additional measure that does not replace the actual work, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits.
5 Reasons to buy SoundCloud followers

Improve Your Image

Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you have invested into your SoundCloud profile, if your number of followers remains infinitesimal, it does not make a good first impression. It is similar to visiting a restaurant. The menu sounds delicious, but there is not a single guest in the dining room. Would you set foot in it? Or does it seem like there is something wrong?
 By buying SoundCloud followers, you can easily clear this first hurdle, especially at the beginning. If the overall impression makes sense, visitors to your site are much more inclined to subscribe to it as well. After all, someone who already has a lot of followers is apparently very popular. Keyword: herd instinct.

Get the Ball Rolling

If you use socials, you have surely come across the term virality. Once a video or post has gotten off to a promising start, everybody seems to be talking about it. The content spreads almost entirely on its own – an effect that every marketing manager wishes for. In order to make something “go viral,” in most cases, people tend to invest a lot of money; for instance many try seeding, which is, unfortunately, very expensive and not always successful.
When you buy followers on SoundCloud, you increase your chances of virality. Quite generally, buying SoundCloud followers works like an investment shot – once you have some capital, you can get things going.

Generate Traffic

Buying SoundCloud followers and thus stimulating organic growth can also improve the interaction on your page. More comments breathe new life into your account, give you the chance to connect with fans, and attract visitors. By the way, you can also help make this happen if you buy SoundCloud plays.

Save Money

Usually, 500 followers cost less than 20 USD. Quite a bargain compared to the hourly rates of agencies or usual prices for advertising. What’s more, you can measure success much easier. While many other advertising measures usually do not provide any information on their effectiveness, if you buy followers, you will receive exactly the quantity ordered. That is fantastic!

Attract Attention

Last but not least, you will move a little closer to your goal of being discovered. The users who are hyped on SoundCloud today are the ones who have record deals tomorrow, or at least they get a few gigs in trendy clubs. Perhaps your music will also be featured by a review magazine. The possibilities of being discovered are manifold. Don’t miss out on them!

When You Purchase SoundCloud Followers…

…you should follow some basic rules in advance. Firstly, regard the purchase as a start-up aid, not as a permanent holiday. You get SoundCloud followers to open doors. This is why you buy SoundCloud followers. This will not spare you the hard work of producing good music and marketing it effectively.
Secondly, the ratio has to make sense. If you buy real SoundCloud followers, but there is no activity whatsoever on your tracks, it will cause frowns instead of enthusiasm. Start with small amounts. You can also buy SoundCloud comments and plays for more interaction.
Thirdly, you should make every effort to choose the right vendor to provide the types of followers you want. There are three different types of followers:

Follow First / Follow Back

For this, the vendors require your complete login data. On your behalf, they subscribe to thousands of users, hoping to also be subscribed to in return. This is a very tricky method, because you cannot influence what happens to your data. At worst, you might get infected with malware, or you, unknowingly, post spam comments all over the web. And don't even expect a retention guarantee or customer support. Most of these companies make sure they are not reachable. In short, you should steer clear of this method. There are other, better ways to increase your SoundCloud followers.

Bot Followers

There are two categories of bots: high- and low-quality followers. “Bad” bots can be recognized by their non-existent profile pictures, cryptic names, and lack of content. In addition, if you buy cheap, you usually have to buy twice. Often these profiles are completely deleted in cleanups so that none of your 500 SoundCloud followers remain. “Good” bots or high-quality followers, on the other hand, look like real Soundcloud users, are a little bit more expensive, and are less likely to be exposed and deleted.

Reward Networks

The most recommendable option is to use real SoundCloud users from exchange networks. The users sign up and receive a reward for each like, such as their own bitcoins, or real money. They may not be targeted in terms of origin, age, or sex, and, usually, they are not interested in the pages they subscribe to. However, this is the safest and most discreet method of increasing your number of followers on SoundCloud.

Order SoundCloud Followers at Social Media Daily

Just like a concert needs its audience, you cannot get by on SoundCloud without followers (just like Instagram isn't the same without Instagram followers). For a convincing presence, you can get new SoundCloud followers (and buy SoundCloud likes) from us. We place particular emphasis on security, discretion, fair prices, and excellent customer support. With our two-year retention guarantee, we make sure you always get the amount of followers you ordered.
In addition, we provide several other high quality services as well as superb customer service. You can buy up to 100,000 plays from us, and even try 25 clicks for free in advance!
Of course, we have also thought of your other social profiles. Whether you want to buy real SoundCloud followers, Facebook likes, Google Plus subscribers, or YouTube views, we have the right offer for you. Of course you shouldn't miss out on SoundCloud reposts either and buy them in additon to followers. Have a look around, and feel free to contact our customer service in case you have any questions! Currently we don't offer a money back guarantee, but fast delivery.
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